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Take Back 420! is a day of youth service across Douglas County, CO - - join us as kids reclaim April 20th as a day of rejuvenation and restoration!

Thursday, May 3, 2012

THANK YOU - - to the Youth Who Served on 420 and Our Community Partners!

Thank you to all the great kids who did community service on April 20th, making it a day of positive and restorative action - - and thank you to our community partner agencies who provided the service projects!

At TLC Meals on Wheels, the youth and some supportive adults sorted food items into meal packages that will be delivered to homebound individuals (frequently folks who are older or disabled):

At Boots and Saddles Therapeutic Riding Center, youth volunteers worked with Tina doing "dirty horse-related chores" like hauling feed out into the pastures and mucking out stables.

The service project with Douglas County Sheriff's Office involved cleaning the grounds of the Justice Center, complete with orange vest....  :)

At the community garden located at Hidden Mesa Open Space, the Cooperative Extension office had youth volunteers clearing some weeds in the orchard that will eventually provide fruit to local food banks.  AWESOME!

InterFaith Community Services had a big day of food collection, with teams of kids staked out at local grocery stores, encouraging shoppers to pick up something extra for those individuals and families out there without enough to eat.

All of the youth who served four hours or more on April 20th will be eligible for prizes in a drawing that will be conducted at the end of this week - - good luck, and thanks for giving back to the planet!

Take Back 420 is a project of the Substance Abuse Coalition of Douglas County - - contact the site moderator for more information, to participate in Take Back 420 next year or to join the Coalition.


  1. It's good to see a summary of some of the volunteer actions - my daughter was the only one who showed up to clean Thunder Ridge High School's downwind trash, which is unfortunate as she isn't even a TRHS student! We were wondering how the prize distribution went; hopefully there were enough other volunteers that they were recognized.

  2. Hey, Jim! Thanks so much for checking in and thanks as well to your daughter for participating in this first-ever event! It was good of her to clean up a school she doesn't even attend.... :)

    We had a good showing of youth from across Douglas County, a number of whom received prizes in a random drawing. I'm wondering if there was an adult supervisor at your daughter's worksite - - I don't remember getting a log sheet from the TRHS project, so her name might not have been put into the drawing, which bums me out.

    This event will happen again in 2013 and it'll be even better - - I hope she'll participate again! The schools will help advertise TB420 and we'll update the website here as projects and info are confirmed.....

    Thank you both again - - don't hesitate to get in touch, OK?


  3. Carla, I was the adult supervisor. At least, I stayed with her and we pulled four big bags of nasty out of the creek behind TRHS. One of the HR Parks Rangers was there to sign her up and give us gloves so maybe that's the one?

    I have no doubt we'll be back to do it again in 2013, but probably a little closer to home this time. Thanks!